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The Rising Consciousness Community podcast is a place for experts in the field of psychedelic plant medicine to share their perspectives and stories.

About Our Podcast

We are fortunate that within our own Rising Consciousness Community we have access to extraordinary Guides with tremendous wisdom and experience working with Entheogens.

The purpose of the podcast is to provide a podium to share these voices and to provide the perspective of these talented women and men who have been working with psychedelics for many, many years.  With the interest in the use of plant medicine rising exponentially it is paramount to highlight the expertise and knowledge that the Rising Consciousness Community members bring to the discussion.  We also invite Veteran Voices to share their perspectives and their incredible stories of healing and bravery.


One of the goals of the podcast is to highlight some of the salient issues in the space in order to continue to promote and protect accessibility, safety and affordability of these natural entheogenic plants. It with profound respect for these plants and our community that we launched this podcast.

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