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The Rising Consciousness Community is focused on vetting retreat centers, therapists and coaches in order to provide a vetted review of the various offerings, so that you can select a high quality and safe alternative for your macrodosing experience.

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Traditional Misconceptions

Macrodosing, is what you would traditionally think of taking psychedelics to create a hallucinogenic experience.   Generally, when you think of magic mushrooms in the Alice in Wonderland and tripping at a Grateful Dead concert, all the stereotypes of psychedelics use, the amount would be greater than two grams, up to as much as seven grams of mushrooms. That is a significant amount of psychedelic and the effect can be extraordinary. It can be life changing. It can be downright scary, particularly when not taken with intention and in the correct set and setting.


And that is what we have been programmed as a society to be in fear of, to be in fear of the psychedelic, they'll make you jump out of windows and run into trains and all that nonsense that has been programmed into our psyche, through the propaganda of the war on drugs.

Image by Mathew Schwartz

The Psychedelic Renaissance or Revolution

Now, in the psychedelic Renaissance, or revolution, or whatever you want to call it, Macrodosing has an enormous place. And macro dosing is what has been studied in the clinical trials at John Hopkins, and at MAPS and their MDMA program. Macrodoing is taking large amounts of psychedelics in a controlled therapeutic setting.


Obviously, psychedelics are still legal in the United States. But what has developed is a network of offshore retreats and retreat centers where people go to enjoy psychedelic experiences and psychedelic macro journeys that are often in very beautiful spots such as Jamaica, where it's legal or Costa Rica, and other parts of central and south America.  Of course, Amsterdam and other places where it is legal also.  In many instances these retreats take place in the US and locations where it is not necessarily legal as well.

Image by mahtab naghedi

Psychedelic Retreat Centers

Psychedelic retreats have sprung up based on demand in the underground in the last few years, and play a major role in the psychedelic revolution. And why wouldn’t they?  Who wouldn’t want to travel to a beautiful tranquil island and experience a glorious plant medicine experience.  As long as there is demand, this segment of the industry will continue to grow and flourish and will continue to play a major role going forward.


The Rising Consciousness Community is focused on vetting as many retreat centers as we can in order to provide a vetted review of the various offerings so that you can select a quality and first and foremost a safe center for your experience.  With the exponential rise in demand for these experiences there are also a rise of fake Shaman and unscrupulous actors who are simply out to make a quick buck at your expense.  It is our promise to help you avoid these experiences by vetting psychedelic retreat centers.

Coaching and Psychedelic Therapy

In addition to the rise in retreat centers options, a new phenomenon in the psychedelic space is the combination of life coaching and psychedelic therapy.  Many coaches in the psychedelic community take clients on for multiple weeks of guidance. In addition to providing coaching sessions, they may also offer personal micro dosing guidance and in many instances the multiweek coaching session includes a week at a retreat center where a macrodose psychedelic journey is facilitated. Many coaches offer varying lengths of coaching sessions often five week, seven week sessions, 12 week sessions, or longer. 


This is a very effective program that allow the coach and the client get to know each other over a period of multiple sessions to arrive at the heart of how the client and heal or grow.  Each coach is different but often a life coach/psychedelic guided multi-week session involves a lot of journaling, a lot of self-introspection, which then culminates in a macro guided psychedelic journey with LSD, psilocybin, MDMA, or a combination of the above.


Integration Process


And then there's a period of integration.   Integration is where what was learned and what was opened up, and what changed during that macro journey is integrated into your life, so that it just doesn't become a fun experience or scary experience but something that enables real growth and real understanding or real change to take place on a permanent level.


Now, this is what you traditionally call macro dosing.

Image by Peng Yang
Paved Terrace

Therapists work to create safe spaces

Generally, the guides and the therapists working in the space work with macro dosing and create a safe setting and are dedicated to enabling you to be comfortable exploring your inner consciousness through the use of large doses of psychedelics.  This is called a guided journey. Working with macrodoses can be very effective.  In the past psychedelics weren't used in this type manner. In the early, early days of psychedelics when Stan Grofand other pioneering psychotherapists were named were allowed to work with psychedelics, this is exactly how they would be studied in a semi medical environment with observations written down just like any psychotherapy session.  Then the war on drugs came and put the kibosh on reasonable scientific use of psychedelics.  In today's Renaissance, macro journeys, are used as a very effective psychedelic tool.  Often involving weeks of preparation, that head towards a psychedelic experience in a safe setting that really enables the journeyer to go deep, and to do some work that may have been hidden and suppressed for their entire lifetime. And then the important aspect of integration has also been acknowledged and brought into this new world of using psychedelics in therapeutic healing.


That is an overview of macro dosing.   If you'd like to learn more, please complete the apply form and we can schedule an initial consult and I can help you to explore if macro dosing is a path you'd like to travel as you begin your psychedelic exploration.

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